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Camden & Leigh
High School Class of 1963
50 Year Reunion

We were the Camden Cougars for 3 years. Then for our senior year, some of us were split off to become the Longhorns, the first graduating class of the new Leigh High School.

We were the children of the early 60s – still innocent (well, mostly) . . . Our music was of love and teenage angst, from groups like The 4 Seasons to the Beach Boys, The Everly Brothers to the Supremes, Ray Charles, Elvis and lots of Motown.

Our neighborhoods were pretty stable – houses cost an average of $12,000; new cars averaged about $3,000; eggs were 32 cents a dozen; and gas was 28 cents a gallon!

John F. Kennedy was president and brought youth and fashion to the White House. Jackie Kennedy’s style and charm swept the nation and her iconic flip hairstyle became the rage – at least until the surfer movement hit toward the end of our senior year.

We had no idea how the world would soon change or what part we would play in, or bear witness to, those changes.  Our lives were football games, proms, Cougar’s Den dances, and hanging out at the local pizza parlors or scheming up things to do and places to go on the next date.

Join us in San Jose at the Hilton Hotel on October 12, 2013, as we reminisce and celebrate our 50th High School Class Reunion! Spread the word – help us find everyone and let us remember those friends who are no longer with us. Let’s make this the biggest reunion yet!

Reunion Committee